Union Baptist Church, Shores

Union Baptist Church was founded in 1871 in the historic community of Shores in Fluvanna County, Virginia. The church was begun under the leadership of the Reverend Samuel Harris as a place of worship and refuge for newly emancipated people. For nearly 150 years, Union Baptist Church has welcomed all into a place of unconditional love.

This website is dedicated to the memories of those who came before us. Union Baptist Church is blessed to have several hundred people laid to rest on our church grounds. This site provides the community with a way to publicly honor and remember their ancestors.

Here are the names, in alphabetic order, of all of those people laid to rest at our church who are now known. We also know that there are others in the cemetery without headstones. We hope that the community’s memory will lift up their names as well.

When you click on a person’s name, you will go to their personal page.

This site is as useful as the community as a whole makes it. Please submit your memories! When you click on the Submit Memories button, you will be able to contribute your remembrance of that person. Your memory can be text, an image, a pdf, or a video or audio clip of yourself or another person speaking about their loved ones. If you have knowledge about a person without a headstone, please send us a message as well.