Maud Maria Tutwiler

b. July 14, 1867 - d. September 26, 1927

Maud Maria Tutwiler, daughter of Henry P. and Martha Spencer Tutwiler, was born on July 14, 1867 . She had one brother, Henry Spencer Tutwiler, and three sisters, Mariah, Harriet, and Permelia Tutwiler. She had three children: Carl, Stannard and Peyton Tutwiler. There is no evidence that she ever married. Her son Carl’s first wife was Jennie Johnson; his second wife was Effie Kelley. Stannard was married to Irene Briggs. Peyton married Harriet Arnold. Maud Tutwiler lived her entire life in Fluvanna County between Seven Islands and Shores Road. She died on September 26, 1929.